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Membership Includes


Alerts are sent out via push notification thru our app so you never miss a beat. Each alert includes an Entry, Price Target, Time Frame, Analysis, Charting and an RVR score; our proprietary measure of Risk vs Reward.


Updates are released on active alerts through out the week.

Team Chat

Enjoy any one of our bustling chat rooms full of like-minded traders here to chat, help and hang out.

Play Lists

Playlists are released regularly so you go into each day ready for battle.

Investor Tools

Enjoy our arsenal of investor tools like halt alerts, upcoming IPO’s, investment news, earnings lists and our super intelligent interactive stock bot.


If education is your thing, you’re sure to be delighted! We are always adding new content and your bound to learn something every time you pop into one of our channels..

What makes Team RVR different?

No “Algos” that don’t work – Our competition claims they have cracked the code and found a fail safe way to catch every runner. These supposed “Algos” are nothing but a simple API code that looks for changes in volume and price, sending automated notifications without any human review. The result of this is dozens of alerts each day you have to sift through. This is just a way for the competition to do as little work as possible. Which brings us to our next point…

Accountability – No machine gunning of alerts or community/moderator based alerts. Other groups employ moderators/members to send you alerts. The result is a feeling of chaos and a lack of accountability to any one individual. They will send dozens or even hundreds of alerts each week out. They do this so that no matter what, one of the alerts is bound to hit. Even a blind man gets a bulls eye now and then. At Team RVR you can rest assured you’ll never receive an alert that isn’t from our Founder himself. And that’s a promise.

Quality over quantity – Our founder is a firm believer that there is no substitute for hard work. He spends 12 to 16 hours a day working for you. Naturally, the result of this hard work is a quality product. We typically send between 3 and 6 alerts out Sunday nights for the week ahead. We then pepper in a few intra-day alerts through out the week. We will never bombard you with alerts like our competition.

What We Do

Team RVR is a publisher of information. We publish content for our members personal educational and informational use only. We send content in the form of “Alerts” within our chat server coupled with push notifications sent to your device. Team RVR does not provide financial or investment advise. We specialize in giving traders the knowledge and tools to be successful. We will never tell you what to buy or sell so please don’t ask. Refrain from asking questions like “Should I buy $AMZN?” You are however welcome to ask questions like “Would you buy $AMZN right now?”

Frequently Asked Questions

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